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April 09, 2010


So, Tiger came back with his tail between his legs, and has been playing some fairly respectable golf, which is fine.  A lukewarm reception, lots of people not catty enough to comment to his face have now relented and cowardly gone back to "his sex life is his business".  LOL
If he was a single person, I could not agree more.  But, he's not.  He's "apologized"...why bother?
Now, something pretty funny (albeit unnecessary), some rich person hired a plane to fly over the tournament with a banner reading "Tiger, do you mean "Bootyist"?"  In reference to Tiger stating his "Buddhist" belief system.  It's pretty funny and, I think appropriate because he should be made to squirm a little. 
Then, another day and another banner "You're a sex addict?  Yah right. Me too."  LOL
So...apparently there's another banner reading "You knew, Steve, you knew" in regards to the Best friend/caddy who claims he's innocent. LOL  Like anyone cares.
Well, the FAA suddenly felt compelled to do a surprise check on the plane flying the banners, and lo and behold!! Managed to find some outdated seat belt tags or something or rather, enough to ground the plane for at least the rest of the tournament, which is quite...convenient??
Funny that potholes can go years unattended, stalkers walk around outside the homes of their prey with hunting knives and can't be stopped, clergy and hockey coaches run amok because there just isn't the man power to police the world...but fly a banner embarrassing a sports celebrity and they are all over that!
It's fascist.
Isn't it supposed to be America???