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April 03, 2010


"Cool" kids like to think they're hot stuff
And everyone else ain't cool enough.
We're supposed to follow their bullshit fads.
You know man, that's pretty sad.
They call me a fool
'Cause I never cared what's "cool".
They won't give me a chance
They say that I'm sick.
'Cause I won't sell-out,
I won't be a trendy prick.
Life's not what they think.
They're not always what they seem.
It appears they love
To mess with my self-esteem.
I'm not what they think
Life's not what they've thought.
I am who I am
And I do what I want.
When will individuality come into style?
I hope it won't be a while.
I don't need the "cool" kids
I've got better friends.
I don't care for the "cool" crowd
And all of their bullshit trends.

(my friend told me 2 put this on here so ya)