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picture by one of many soon to be pieces of orbiting space debri/article by @eatevilpenguins

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April 16, 2012

Global Warming is an event that cannot be denied-But thier are misdiagnosed non known reasons for some of the seen melting/losing of iceshelves that are directly a contribution of Penguins Interventions.


Truth behind large ice flows dissapearing

The Larsen Antarctica ice shelf that collapsed ina 35 day period and covered an area of the state of Rhode Island was approx 970 square miles was not caused by global warming. During this time we americans against evilpenguins contained by fenceing over 4 billion warpenguins with simple white picket fences/rabidevilpenguins cant fly and wasnt a large daunting task. Cause of the 21st century war they were planning against taking over planet and mankind.eatevilpenguins with affliation with various world orginizations had planned to harvest from thier oily fins and oily sardine filled bodies and mash them into crude and other oil by products. Driving down worldwide fuel prices and thinning the evilpenguins numbers. Settleing many problems at one time. Alas the evilpenguin spies infiltrated our ultimate plan before it became to frutition. They set large dumb whales under the Larsen Pen shelf and filled the poor whales with exposive plankton to blow out the ice shelf below them to maintain escape. The rabidalienevilpenguins we should NOT underestimate!