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March 11, 2013

From the leading source in Fake and Funny News, This Just Zen, reports on Hollywood's response to Wholefoods Markets' high prices.


Whole Foods Markets deciding to label all of their products that contain GMO’s by 2018 isn’t the only major news involving the grocery chain this week.  Just yesterday, a group of Hollywood Celebs including Robert Downey, Jr., Matthew McConaughey and Tyrese Gibson held a press conference admitting that Whole Foods is just “Too frickin’ expensive”…even for them.  The purpose of the gathering was to address the market lowering its prices.

A clearly irate action star, Robert Downey, Jr. opened the conference with, ‘Look, let’s be honest.  I am a mega billionaire but when my accountant scolds me for racking up $1200 a month for imported feta cheese and alkaline water…I get livid.  The way things are priced, I’d basically have to make 3 more Iron Man movies after Iron Man 3 to break even!”

While McConaughey was at a loss for words but enjoyed taking photos brandishing his wedding ring, Tyrese was all but set to make a prepared statement about boycotting the expensive market when the actor was abruptly told he’s not actually considered an A-Lister and asked to leave .  The R&B singer and “Transformers Trilogy” star marched off but not before angrily shouting, “I live across from Pavillions any damn way!”

More on this story as it organically develops.

The "This Just Zen" News Team