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August 02, 2009


Have you ever yearned for something?
Has there been something in your life that you have been chasing or looking to find?
And isn't it the greatest feeling when it suddenly becomes reality?
I have had this experience....I believed it at first to be just a myth something that didn't really exist...
But you know what about 6 years ago it was there.
"It" being the chickenfish(poulet) from Vanuatu(apparently KL) has it as well.
It was on a plate, I ate it, I laughed it and poked it with my fork but you know what it still tasted like fish and did not even smell like chicken... you know what i mean....um anyway...
Anyone else found something they had thought was made up but then actually found out it existed?

This is a pic of one after it had just laid a dozen eggs and slightly before Lee Ming sends it off to be doused in the colonel's secret recipe..

Chicken Fish