This weekend was a big weekend, right? Not only did Chris Hemsworth, aka the superhero Thor and also print magazines’ most attractive man of last year, host Saturday Night Live, but it was also the end of daylight saving time. Did you remember to put your clock forward? Did you not and you’ve been an hour late for all your appointments since yesterday and now you’re just figuring out why? A) That’s crazy! You definitely should have figured out what time it is by now because it’s been 30-something hours, and B) Anyways, here are some clips from the previously-mentioned SNL episode. Enjoy!

In the cold open, Kate McKinnon did her impression of Hillary Clinton talking about her emails. It’s kind of like a regular impression of Hillary Clinton, only it’s mashed up with an impression of a person talking about their emails.

Another good McKinnon impression came later in the show when she did a very happy-to-be-here-and-rapping-for-you Iggy Azalea. Since Azalea is Australian, and so is Chris Hemsworth, I like to imagine Australians being excited for this sketch, if they happened to get a stream of this episode. I’m not trying to suggest that you have to be Australian to enjoy this sketch — for instance I’m certainly not and I still had a good time watching. But if you are Australian I bet it adds just a little something to the experience.

In a different sketch from this episode (is that a good transition?) Chris Hemsworth and Taran Killam were twins who swap places on a Disney Channel show and nothing goes wrong. JK, of course some stuff goes wrong! Check it out:

The “Good Neighbor” sketch from this week was a reality show following three pretty dull roommates. You can tell everyone in the sketch is being good at acting because they all act like regular roommates and never once break to say, “Hey, superhero movie star Chris Hemsworth is our roommate, and that’s pretty exciting for us!” which is something that seems easy to slip up and say in that situation.

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