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April 10, 2013

The sex tape bomb has dropped! Mad Men fans, get ready...

Mad Men fans & lovers of massive ginger boobs REJOICE!!! Because in the words of famed attorney, Jackie Chiles from Seinfeld: “They’re real and they’re spectacular!”

The tape shows the buxom beauty getting down with her fugly real life husband (Geoffrey Arend) in a trailer on the set of Drive. 

We can only assume it was during the filming of Drive, because Hendricks’ boob-friendly top and leather jacket from that very movie can be seen on a dresser in the background. 

This tape doesn’t allow you to leave anything to the imagination. 

The couple makes good use of Christina’s ample bosom with a variety of sexual acts, positions and oils applied to that sexy sought after set of sweater puppies.

The only thing that keeps this sex tape from the realm of “perfection” is the constant erection hurdle one encounters when the slobbering, cross eyed thrusting of her gross spouse steals focus away from her monstrous milk duds.


That being said, I recommend this sex tape to any and all people with a pulse and a tub of Jergens nearby.