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September 26, 2008


i lived in hollywood for about 6 weeks. i spent more time watching the freaks than looking for gainful employment, so i returned to santa barbara. but while i was living there, i made a few friends. there were these two guys who ,ived up one floor from the friend i was crashing with. dennis was an abstract painter and stuart, well, stuart was a cowboy. long red hair, cowboy shirt, cowboy boots and cowboy hat. they had no real furniture in their apartment, just some lawn chairs and coffee cans (for stuart to spit tobacco in). the beige carpet had stains where the cans had been kicked over. the only things to make the apartement abit homey was the paintings that dennis had painted adorned the walls.

one day, i went to visit them, and they had all thi new furniture in their apartment. the first thing that came to mind was that they had broken into another apartment and stolen their stuff. but these guys didn't have that kind of ambition. there were recliners and plant stands (with plants) in the living room. black tube and glass table and chairs in the dining area. it all looked new.

i asked dennis where the hell they got the furniture. he said stuart's brother got new stuff, so he gave them his old stuff. then he said,"he's in the bedroom, wanna meet him?"

someone this geneous, you bet!

just then stuart walks out of the bedroom with axel rose and says,"chad! this is my brother..."

axel shakes my hand, says hi, then walks out the door. stuart the cowboy's brother is axel rose. bizarre...


"of all the things i've lost,

i miss my marbles most..."