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Published May 10, 2013


Think your man might be cheating on you? He probably is! Here are some red flags that may signal that your significant other is cheating:

1. He’s registered to vote.

2. He has a Netflix account

3. He’s out from 9-5 every weekday

4. He sometimes calls you “Dude”

5. He has dandruff

6. He doesn’t leave voicemail messages

7. He believes that race is a social construct

8. He uses the salutation “all the best” in e-mails

9. He likes The Wire

10. He’s horrible with names

11. He’s a Holocaust denier

12. He has a tattoo

13. He uses an electric toothbrush

14. He doesn’t have a Hulu Plus account

15. He thinks “Keep Calm and Carry On” parody posters are funny

16. He has room for dessert

17. He uses a Britta water filter

18. His favorite candy is junior mints

19. He can ride a bike with no handlebars

20. He always anticipated a post-credit scene no matter the movie 

21. He only listens to Spotify on private browsing

22. He’s ticklish

23. He’s a pescetarian

24. He has never seen a Fast & Furious movie

25. He has a driver’s license

26. He doesn’t use excessive punctuation in text messages

27. He has a Seinfeld impression

28. He drink extra pulp orange juice

29. He calls movies “films”

30. He paraphrases Malcolm Gladwell

31. He reads on the Nook e-reader

32. He drinks bottled water

33. He bites his fingernails

34. He prefers the window seat on airplanes

35. He used deodorant

36. He says “bless you” immediately following a sneeze

37. He can read music

38. He knows his sleep number

39. He watches reality singing competitions

40. He has less than 100 twitter followers

41. He wears Invisalign

42. He works out

43. He uses all the hot water in the shower

44. He is a ball hog

45. He has facial hair

46. He drink coffee

47. He’s a Christian scientist

48. He has a tattoo

49. He types in Comic Sans font

50. He thinks the movie is better than the book