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Published: August 06, 2013
Description: Me (John Despotas) displaying his passion for films.

I’ve always wanted to work in movies ever since I was a kid. I always wanted to write screenplays, direct, and produce them and I still want to. I never wanted a safe job; I don’t have anything to fall back on, there is no “Plan B”. I’m just going with my passion, I want to make things for the world to see and be proud of my work. I want to be proud to be able to make people smile, laugh, cry or even fear them just through the power of a good story. I know the odds are against me, people always shut you down when you say you want to work in movies, but so what? I’ve been studying and writing screenplays for the past while now, and I’m learning so much from this medium. I want to write something powerful and bold that affects the audience the same way films and stories have always affected me. I don’t care if I don’t ever end up working on a project with Judd Apatow, as long as I attempt to make my own projects. Even if my projects aren’t recognized it doesn’t matter, all that matters is that I tried, and I will keep trying until they are recognized. It might take a long time and effort but I would rather be patient and have work in something that I am extremely passionate in, than have a safety net. I would rather attempt to create projects and have a life’s work to be proud of than thinking what if? Though most importantly I would rather try and have naysayers continue to push me down, only for them to become believers when they witness my projects and the passion that I put in them.