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June 01, 2009


So wow, Andy Samberg was totally naked at the beginning of the MTV Movie Awards last night, which made up for having to sit through five minutes of "The Hills." And Sacha Baron Cohen, as Bruno, landing ass-first on Eminem's face was probably supposed to be the insane stunt of the show. But honestly, what really marked the high point of the night was Kiefer Sutherland's tearful tribute to Ben Stiller. From the second his voice started to crack, I knew this was going to top the ass-landing. And the full-on sobbing and Stiller-hugging just made it better. As a "24" fan like pretty-boy toddler Zac Efron, I am used to seeing Keifer Sutherland yell, grunt, and be mean to people. Sometimes he will cry. But Kiefer might be something of a comedy genius. Someone please cast him in a comedy. It would be absoutely amazing.

And please, cancel "The Hills."