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May 10, 2010


The 17 Least Manly Things Of All Time, In No Particular Order

1) Wearing clothes that fit properly.

2) Saying congratulations.

3) Not being in pain.

4) Singing.

5) Driving with 2 hands.

6) Swimming (except in a survival situation).

7) Washing a car’s windshield.

8) Hope.

9) Volunteering to do anything other than run into a burning building or enlist in the armed forces.

10) Reading books that in any way involve dragons.

11) Reading.

12) Cooking on anything other than an outdoor grill.

13) Spending any amount of time with a woman who is not in your family or who you are not having sex with or attempting to have sex with.

14) Ironing.

15) “Loving” any inanimate object (other than a vehicle, firearm, guitar or hand tool).

16) Listening.

17) Respecting women.