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June 21, 2012

At a recent public awareness event on polio, Barack Obama is caught bowing to Justin Bieber.

Obama Bows to Bieber!  Beiber-Obama.jpg

June 21, 2012

-The White House is scrambling to find a valid excuse today after an embarassing encounter with Justin Bieber and Barack Obama  at a charity event  for underprivliaged professional athletes with polio, While at the event, Obama unexpectedly ran up on stage to congratulate Justin Bieber after hearing him sing "One Less Lonely Girl".  Once on stage, Obama vigorously thanked Bieber for singing his 'favorite song' and then bowed to the 18-year-old pop star.  Secret Service agents quickly wisked the President off stage and back into his front row seat.  

This Charity event raised an unusually low amount of money; charity spokeswoman, Diana Fletcher stated, "Obama was very disruptive during tonight's event.  He kept whistling and shouting at Justin Bieber; things like, 'let me borrow your hair' and 'come live with me and Michelle, it's not like we don't have enough room'."  

Obama is known for bowing to notable figures, foreign leaders and now young pop stars and is rumored to have a tattoo of Justin Bieber's hair on the center of his chest.