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July 22, 2009


So, I know I'm not supposed to tell all the details of my excursion, but I figured I'd share the humorous highlights of the trip.

At the Craps table, a large African-American male repeatedly insisted that the croupier return the dice to him immediately. They took a few second longer than he would have liked and then he rolled  the dreaded 7. He starts flailing his hands at the dealers and repeats over and over again
"Man, why you got to cool a n*gga off?"

For those who do not know, $1 chips are typically white. So, when I needed change, I decided to ask for "Vermont." Naturally, no one knew what I meant until I explained: "All white." I was proud of this little ditty; so, I repeated it at a second table, only to hear, "Hey, I'm from Vermont!" I considered apologizing, but then, the speaker goes, "Can I use that?"

Unlike in bars, the norm at strip clubs is for women to approach you and ask your name. Then, as on might expect, the patron often asks for the names of the young ladies. Well, two young women came over to me at once, and when I asked their names, they responded IN UNISON "Sluts!"

I inquired as to whether one was Slut A and the other other Slut B or if they were just collectively Sluts. Surprisingly, they were not amused.

Anyway, haikus will resume tomorrow, though be warned: August is a conference heavy month for me, and I will be popping in and out. Also, now that I'm home, I can't wait to get back to Vegas again. So, let's get planning this FOD trip. A few people have expressed interest in going a weekend this September. If you think you'd be available to join in the festivities, leave a note below. All are invited. Hope to see you there!