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December 28, 2009


Good morning friends,

Hope everyone enjoyed their (insert Holiday celebrations here) this year. We did the visit the In-laws thing and as usual it was not a lot of fun. I found it better to stay buzzed so that if I said something regretful I could blame it on the a-a-aa—a-a-a-alcohol.


Anyway, this past NPIsc was a ‘huge’ success so I enlisted the help of Ichronic to be a guest judge. Thanks for all the funny comments and thanks to Piss for judging them. Here are the results and here is another picture to keep you from having to continue to post comments for a woman balancing on wine bottles that is just not that funny.


RESULTS: Courtesy of Piss


you’re so vein, you probably think this game is about you…. Westsideslant
I think we are ok as long as he doesn't throw up… Griswold

Yeah, if I were him, I suppose I'd be hanging around folks with missing teeth too… FissureFilms


Looks like those balls have crossed the 'BLUE' line several times...hoarseface

(Some days you can't even get in the penalty 'BOX' if you try.)


Seven homeless people use his foreskin for shelter…keibar

(How thoughtful of him, especially around the holidays.)

Richard was ejaculated from the arena for causing a scene…Gerhardguffaw

(Hopefully security had good reason and didn't make this decision prematurely)



As always, thanks to everyone who participated...today, fun with...swimming?