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July 24, 2014

Want to be learning better on how to be "make love" real good? Be clicking on this article!

My name is Shane and I am having of many good sex tips to share with you!


1. When making sex for a person take your time and let the juices begin to flow with the foreplay and such before taking bites off the cookie, yes?

2. Have lots of the communicating and letting know of what is having a feeling of good and what is having not. Mouth words can be used as dirty turning-ons but also to make sure of boundaries. Cripes!

3. If making sex with woman make sure to identify and name each part of her genitalia to impress her with anatomy skills.


4. Again with the communicating, let the someone having sex to you know when you are ready by yelling, “I’m ready!”

5. Try new sex faces in the mirror or a reflection from a spoon before the sexing maybe?


6. When your love partner for the sex does something you like make sure to clap so they know to continue. Again, having the communicating is key!

7. Make sure before the sex is beginning you have tissues nearby for your tears after the session of sex. Here are coming the waterworks!


Now you know how to have very good sexing!