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By King Christopher (radio show host)
Photo courtesy of the movie Indecent Proposal

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June 21, 2013

If your wife is going to cheat? Then you might as well get paid.

My Wife The Hooker

By King Christopher


One of the most famous offers in pop culture comes from the 1993 film Indecent Proposal “1 million dollars for one night with your wife”. Even though it's just a movie, there is some reality to it. Most women get offers from men on some level daily. So what do you do if you're a broke husband and your wife is getting offers from a rich guy? Why is the idea of buying someone's wife for a night appealing to the wealthy guy? When he can obviously afford any high-end escort. What does this scenario teach us about women?


Husband: After the deal is done, the husband has trouble getting over it. Where did jealousy get him? She left him for the rich guy anyway (temporarily). But If the husband had acted more like a pimp, she probably wouldn't have left him at all. The husband should have squeezed the rich guy for as much as he could. If the wife is going to keep sleeping with him anyway, then you might as well tax her ass.


Wife: At first the woman is disgusted with his offer but it's funny how she ended up dating him anyway. So it goes to show that when women act disgusted, they're interested. But the chances are In real- life she wouldn't have taken the rich guy too serious. In her eyes he would just be the ultimate sucker! The more money you spend on a woman, the less respect she'll have for you.



Billionaire: The idea of borrowing another guy's wife is appealing to a rich guy for a few reasons...

1.He wont be stuck with her long-term, he can just give her right back.

2.The fact that she isn't a woman who has sex for money.

3.It gives the rich guy a chance to show off is wealth, like when apes beat their chest.


The movie's over all message is how money can't buy true love but it can sure take it away from a man who doesn't have enough. Since they were having a lot of money trouble, the chances are the woman would have cheated on him with someone, with or without the million dollar offer. So as the husband you have to look at it as a very decent proposal.