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March 25, 2013

My rant on the Howard Stern Show. Addicting piece o'shit


Lately I've been watching uploaded episodes of Howard Stern's show on Youtube and it's given me the same feeling George Castanza gives me after watching Seinfeld. It's all just negativity. Some people call it wit…I call his act…an act. There's no other way around it. He sucks up to the male guests, hits on the female guests, and berates his staff.

The worst thing about ALL of this is the fact that I can't stop watching! He gets things out of celebrities and athletes and so on that no one else could get. The perks of having his own radio channel, I guess? He's like an outlawed Oprah except without the gifts. 
When he asks these celebrities, musicians, athletes these questions you can see it on the guests faces that they don't want to answer these things. Even when they're interviewed by the camera guy and Howard's henchmen and they haven't entered the room yet…I have yet to see someone who looks relaxed. I watched an interview between them and Adrian Grenier and Kevin Connolly (Vincent Chase and E. Murphy from Entourage) and Grenier was very clearly annoyed or upset. He said multiple times 'people treat me like I'm Vince, but I'm not.' Howard accepted this and then (if you've ever seen Entourage, you'd agree) treated him exactly like his character.

I think one of the most interesting things about Howard Stern's interviewing is when he brings in callers and then comes as close as possible to slapping them across the face over the phone using just his words. Sometimes the guests will be genuinely interested in what they're saying and we find out Howard Stern has already ended the call minutes earlier. He'll call them an idiot and hang up.

Like I said…I cannot stop watching. It's almost like an experiment! Let's see how long and how far Howard Stern can berate and disrespect his fans before he is put out of business.