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Published: December 27, 2008
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I ditch my old sponsor for being a snitching,gossiping little bitch.That's what i get having a Hari krishna as a sponsor.I just finish watching Dexter Season 2 and saw all the troubles he had with his sponsor.Except, Dexter's sponsor was a hot smoking Goth pale skin British babe.I'm now starting my own religion called The Church Of Holy Muffin.You don't pray and you don't give any money.Except to buy your daily muffin,you shut the fuck up and you eat your mufffin while reflecting on your life. The Prophet Jules played Samuel L.Jackson(my Higher Power)in the film,"Pulp Fiction" had a moment of clarity while eating his muffin. So, shut the fuck up and start your mouth a-stuffin',Be quiet and just eat your muffin.Amen.

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