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October 08, 2008


Well, as my status states, I have begun my theatrical season. I am booked as of yesterday, with back to back shows, until next August. To theĀ  point where I'll be closing one show and begining rehearsals for the next. Although flattering, I don't know what in my head thought I could do back to back shows as a stage manager. Every now and again the crazy takes over and I gleefully say yes to all these projects. Since people don't have their schedules set, and are desperate for someone to run their shows, they tell you a conflict or two is ok. Ha!

And now that the show has begun, they consider themselves more important than the other. *sigh* It's a weird world to exist in. The good thing about all this though is that, since losing my day job to this "wonderful" economy. The theater has become a main source of income and is keeping me from truly losing my sanity. Which can be easy to do as I send out thousands of resumes to job postings and people I won't hear back from. So I can't complain too much. :)

Should I have any time I'll write out an update on the craziness that is now my life.