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March 09, 2010


“And now for something completely different..."


I thought I’d try something new for this blog and I got a great idea this morning from a comment on a Westsideslant blog by our friend Tnert. As many of you that are familiar with my many posts on JoeLeeThree’s daily blog might know, I often post a related joke with the tag line “I love the Classics”. Well, Friends, I give you the original “Mother of All Classics” the MOST CLASSIC joke ever, and one of the oldest and most revered jokes of all time…




So, what would YOU use for a picture? I imagine that most of you are familiar with the flexible format of this timeless classic, for those more refined or sheltered a quick Google will tell you everything you need to know to join the fun! Please feel free to "drop your contribution" to the myriad possibilities of Human and Bestial depravity in the style of the "Never Ending Story", here's your chance to "let it all hang out" and slap somebody in the face with it while you save a fortune in phone sex and counseling fees.

The Set Up always starts the same...

A family walks into a Talent Agents Office, a man and his beautiful wife; Dick and Bootsie Everhard and their children, 17 year old Peter and his 15 year old sister Candace, who's holding the leash of a large dog named Hercules. The agent, Woody Weisenheimer says "Hold on folks, I only book Burlesque acts, I don't do wholesome family stuff." "Oh, this is the perfect place for us alright" says Dick as he opens a suitcase and hands Woody a leather portfolio full of racy pictures, "We're a... an Adult Specialty Act - would you like to see what we do?" "Oh, sure" says Woody, figuring that's the quickest way to get rid of them.  Dick walks over to Bootsie and then he...