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Published January 23, 2009
Jimbobalouie says:Enjoyed today’s Haiku contest entries. All of them put a nice spin on the picture. These are the RIBBON winners; the ones that aroused my funny bone. Congrats to all who entered.RED RIBBONJessicaligulaTo be young againNo inhibitions, so freeTo look like douche bagsBLUE RIBBONRobleeSpin the bottle hmmm?Seven minutes in Heaven?Want some Draught beer hon?YELLOW RIBBONEyeguyronSomeplace new to surfMust remember to GoogleMagamba dot comJIMBOBALOUIE’S NON-ENTRYSucking suds from studs At kegger costume folliesMay funnel spiritsSo take it away, Jessicaligula, today the Haiku Guru is you!-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I think I found an earlier photo of the girl from yesterday. This might explain a few things.