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November 19, 2016

2016: Where are the meteors?

Grab Some Wine

2016: it gets worse
2016: where are the meteors
2016: lmao
2016: is God on vacation?
2016: it’s like when you’re texting shit about someone and you accidentally send the text to them
2016: Yup, that guy is president. Nope, not kidding.
2016: worse than putting on wet socks.
2016: a free for all
2016: nothing matters lol
2016: like a bad sequel
2016: oops
2016: David Bowie died so
2016: I’d rather be eating
2016: apple is charging hundreds of dollars for a product book
2016: swipe left
2016: this is why we can’t have nice things
2016: we don’t deserve Lin-Manuel Miranda
2016: alcohol should be free
2016: how close are we to living on Mars?
2016: like when you go to a concert and the band plays a lot of new songs
2016: a really really bad snapchat story
2016: trying to be optimistic but people
2016: you’re fired
2016: I’ll prob get a tattoo
2016: Aaron Carter is still making music
2016: crying face emoji
2016: I’m actually having a great year but I’m also a pathological liar
2016: we deserve another ice age
2016: I ate a curly fry off of the ground a couple months ago
2016: even SNL is like what the actual fuck
2016: stress eat, do it now
2016: I feel like a my chemical romance song came to life
2016: fuck it get the guac
2016: where is chewbacca mom when we need her
2016: has anyone just asked it politely to stop

See ya soon, 2017!