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March 13, 2012

Since I couldn't make it to Austin this year, I decided to bring SXSW to me.

South by Southwest is going on this week in Austin, and I don’t get to go. Having gone to college in Austin, the festival always fell on the same week as Spring Break, so it was easy to participate in the festivities. It’s such a magical week of parties, movies, music, and general debauchery. However, due to financial circumstances and the whole being an adult with a job thing, I am not there. So, I have decided to bring South By to me, and I will be hosting events at my house all week. See below for details:


rettiwT: A discussion on the art and benefit of tweeting in reverse.

Texting and Your Body: How do you text pictures of your penis? We reveal new apps that will enhance your naked photos before sending them. Special Guest Panelist: Brett Favre

Women and Technology: They’ll never figure it out, so why bother?


Thy Father, Go Fuck Thyself: Peter, the lead singer of a Jewish punk rock band, learns that he is the bastard son of a Priest. After meeting his father, Peter struggles with the conflicts of his rock n’ roll history and learning that he is half Catholic.

Don’t Walk…In Those Heels: A documentary about the secret lives of cross-dressing crossing guards.

???? ???? ??? ??? (It’s Just So Hot): An Egyptian romantic comedy about two strangers who, through mistaken identity, are accused of stealing a mummy and must hide in the desert. It’s a tale of mystery, hijinks, and love.


The Pedalers: From Seattle, The Pedalers are a drum line that builds their own percussion instruments from recycled bicycles.

3.14: 3.14 patent their own brand of electrified math rock, mixing post-modern jazz-fusion with progressive “Leather Pants” Hip Hop. They have been called the David Bowie of salsa music.

Paulo Esteban Gustavo: Paulo is a Colombian refuge who had his arms amputated by the drug cartel. He started a new life in America where he learned to play Lady Gaga covers on the guitar using only his feet.