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March 06, 2009


unless i have you on either of my facebook or myspace accounts, i've probably not talked to you in FOREVER.. (micheal i'm still stalking you, just being more "ninja" about it)  no, i didn't go looking for myself, i'm too lost for that. instead i've moved from this one town called "L.A." to a more popular place called "joshua tree" near the 29palms marine base. i've been to known to whistle at the boys in uniform *sigh* i love eyecandy. keeping hormones in check, i'm determined to find a J-O-B out here in the sandy desert. sadly, i've lost a few good friends along the way, but there's a reason they haven't made it to my future. cuz they're all dead... just kidding, they're just assholes who really shouldn't be breeding, for the good of mankind. but hey!! we're all screwed in the long run. (short people like me last much longer) so yeah.. fellow funny or die fiends. i was gone for a bit but i've returned for an erradic appearence, much like PRE-MATURE EJACULATION MAN, our appearences are short but disappointing. certain "videos" have remained under wraps, and are under intense manipulation.. translation--> too lazy to work on it.  before i'm off to the wonderful online life at 2am, i'll leave you with this useless pearl of wisdom, "Never underestimate the power of the small quiet one, for you never know that may be your nurse someday.. or the one aiming at you with the high powered rifle from the water tower"