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June 07, 2010


Every day it seems like the world gets a little more deprived and it gets harder to assess if our moral economy isn't in far worse decline than our finances.  The question I have is this : What the Hell is wrong with people?"
I am a child of the late seventies/early eighties, and I grew up on Different Strokes, Facts of Life and I simply must have watched a little more Little House on the Prairie than some people because, maybe it's just me, but it would never occur to me to take pictures of my dying and then DEAD husband for the purpose of $$$.  Shannon Price, ex wife of the recently deceased Gary Coleman, is trying to "shop" around photos of him on his death bed and even HIRED a production company to take the photos and is hoping to make a profit in the tens of thousands.  GROSS.
It's all just GROSS. 
It's these kinds of things that get me because you couldn't  "hire me" to that.  As disgusting and morally bankrupt as I  would classify Ms Price as, I have to ask about people who carry out these deeds against humanity, for a price and even worse whoever coughs it up to get these photos is even WORSE.  It's getting to be like the chicken and the egg in terms of supply and demand for the lowest common denominator in perversion and personal invasion.
Is this really something anyone wants to or needs to see?  Do we need to absorb that shit into our consciousness?  Is it relevant to our lives, is it satisfactory for any reason?  Anyone out there concerned that Mr Coleman isn't really dead and need some photographic evidence of his passing to get through their day?
Just a shout out to Shannon Price for showing the world how to do "despicable".  You'll be a tough act to follow.  But I have every confidence some other cunt will.