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April 19, 2017

Ever notice some characters who are around one episode and then suddenly they're gone?

Ever notice some characters who are around one episode and then suddenly they’re gone? Even stranger, no one seems to notice they’ve vanished. It happens more often than you think.

Judy Winslow

Judy Winslow.jpg

What ever happened to the Winslows’ other daughter? Around season five of Family Matters, Judy simply walked upstairs and never came back down. Years later, the actress who played Judy turned up in several pornographic films.

Mr. Turner

Mr. Turner.jpg

When TGIF’s coolest teacher was in a terrible motorcycle accident, we were all left hanging… and hanging… and hanging. Cory and Shawn moved on with no mention of Mr. Turner’s fate. Very patient fans were finally rewarded with Turner’s return in the sequel series Girl Meets World.

Chuck Cunningham


The godfather of vanishing characters, the unexplained disappearance of Richie’s older brother on Happy Days is the reason they call the phenomenon “Chuck Cunningham Syndrome.”

Kellyanne Conway


Much like Judy on Family Matters, Kellyanne seemed to have been pushed out as the show’s more memorable clown dominated the spotlight with increasingly unbelievable mishaps.

Stephen Miller

Stephen Miller.jpg

Like so many other peripheral characters, this middle school bully had his big moment on the show, but then they apparently found no more use for him.

Chris Christie


They tried to make this irascible Jersey boy character work, but after failing as a main character, best friend, and even servant of Donald, they just let him fade away without explanation. This would be about the time he starts showing up in pornos.

Steve Bannon


This frightening, disheveled neighbor captivated viewers as the show’s true villain, but as so often happens when a handsome young heartthrob is introduced for ratings, the arrival of silent, mysterious Jared put an end to Stevie’s adventures with Donald.

Mitt Romney


Ever wondered where the term “Jumping the Mitt” came from?

Tori Scott


Often called the Paul Manafort of Saved by the Bell.