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August 05, 2012

Break it down, DX style


Cloud Atlas Trailer Breakdown


5 minute trailers will always get broken down on the Hollywood Defender. It's a promise. 
1.     Most of these actors all looking for come back at least critically just imagine this cast if it were 2002. Hugh Grant coming off Two Weeks Notice and About a Boy (About a Boy is a flawless movie if you haven’t seen it, hilarious, moving, and Grant should’ve been nominated by the Academy), Halle Berry comes off an Academy Award for Monster’s Ball and the most talked about nudity of that year in Swordfish, Tom Hanks finishedCatch Me if You Can and Road to Perdition, Wachowskis hadn’t made Speed Racer yet.
2.     Shaved head, goateed Tom Hanks this can only be a good thing. Tom Hanks as a Miami like gangster, possibly playing someone from a different race, I think it’s time to give him an Academy Award again.

Speaking of which, Tom Hanks’ narration will become the new Morgan Freeman narration at some point when Freeman decides he doesn’t want to sound like God anymore and retires. Hanks’ voice is iconic, deep, and has added more rasp in recent years creating a voice that provides a viable replacement for the Olympic Games and Visa and if Penguins decide to do something interesting again.
3.     Tom Hanks with creepy bowl cut cherry blonde hair looks very similar in color to the awful cut that Javier Bardem dons in the new Skyfall trailer (I started laughing at both sights).

Bad haircuts mean one of two things in movies: 1. The actor will completely pull it off 2. He’ll be ridiculed forever and become a meme. Remember how stupid Javier looked in No Country for Old Men? No you don’t because he was a terrifying Mother or how Hanks looked stupid as Forrest, but maybe that was the point. Although Hanks hardly pulled off the Da Vinci code/ Nic Cage look, he might be pushing his luck too far here… 20 seconds later, I’ve already bought into the hair, he sold me on it when he makes the, “I can’t explain it, but I knew when I opened that door” speech aided by an enchantingly haunting score. Give me those Tom Hanks’ Private Ryan chills!
4.     Halle Berry looks old, I’m scared to look at a picture of her outside the movie in case this is for real and not just the magic of movie make-up, so instead I looked up this: 

5.     From the Creators of The Matrix Trilogy followed by a shift to violin excitement in the score. I’m a huge fan of the first Matrix, which changed the way action movies were made, but not the ending which essentially reveals the theme, “If you believe in yourself, you can fly.” With a 5 minute and 41 second trailer, I expect this film to be just as complicated from beginning right until the end. One of the Wachowski Bros. has come out as a woman coinciding with the release of this trailer, a bold move by the Warner Bros Studios and the creators as it could kill off a lot of business in certain regions that are not as accepting of alternative, but equal lifestyles. The best news is that all the Bros.’ movies can be reinterpreted from a ridiculous prospective by critics pointing out specific scenes in the Matrix that foreshadowed the sex change. Hurray film criticism! 
6.     Hugh Grant, in case you missed him, seems to be portraying a Neanderthal war king with face paint. I’m going to say that this marks the biggest WTF moment in film casting in the past 5 years. Holy Shit. I’m going at midnight and might even read the book.

7.     I love movies that go for it, that have no fear and are absolutely grand in their monetary and visual scale. This just the way John Carter was is going all out for something that might end up being a huge box office failure. Anthony Lane wrote in his review of the Dark Knight Rises that filmmakers should be dreamers that take us to another world and amaze us. This movie hints at the possibility of living up to our dreams.  Just take a look at the Berry car crash clip that captures the strange out of body experience if you've ever been in an accident in which your car spins and rolls.
8.     It lists just about every theme you could want in a movie: “Death, life, birth, future present, past, love. hope, courage. Everything is connected.” In its simple white lettering on a black background contrasting with the visual orgasm interspersed defies words, except one: powerful. Chills and almost tears in a trailer rarely happens, but I think this is the best trailer I’ve seen since The Dark Knight. I’m praying that this movie that seems to be about everything won’t end up being about nothing. Come on movies, give me this one. October 26th can't come soon enough.

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