FEB. 15, 2012


Michael Bay has confirmed that he will be directing a fourth “Transformers” movie, due in 2014.

The working title for the film is “Transformers 4: Optimus Past-His-Prime.”


A Czech Airlines plane was forced to make an emergency landing in Prague on Wednesday after the captain collapsed and died in mid-flight.

Huh. I bet he wouldn’t have died if Mark Wahlberg had been on board.  


A Portland couple was arrested on disorderly conduct after police heard reports that a woman was tied up in a car with duct tape over her mouth. It turns out the she and her boyfriend were just engaging in some Valentine’s Day roleplay.

This story would’ve been amazing if the police officer jumped out of a cake.


A radio contest in New Zealand giving listeners the chance to “win” a divorce proceeding was unwittingly sabotaged by an angry couple.

The radio station responded, “Oh well, it’s just radio. EFF ‘EM.”


A bulldog in Berlin was discovered to have been raising six baby piglets as if they were her own.

This might be the most adorable set-up ever to a brutal massacre.


A new wedding dress has been unveiled in Tokyo that features over 13,000 pearls and is valued at $446,000.

That’s an awful lot of money for something you’re only going to wear twice.


An Amish man in Pennsylvania was targeted by federal officials for selling raw milk across state lines.

He eventually agreed to stop, but not before he crapped his pants in surprise after seeing a cop car for the first time.