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June 19, 2008


Thanks but no thanks, Quiznos guy. I'd rather not take the Free Meal Punch Card. It's too daunting. In fact, it's exhausting. All that work, punching away, week after week, just to get $5 off a meal *only when spending $5 or more. Is it worth all the trouble? I don't even go to Quiznos that often. By the time I get my 10 punches, the deal will probably have expired.

I can't take the responsibility of always having that in my wallet either. I don't like committing things to such a limited space if it isn't money or plastic. These paper Free Meal Punch Cards seem far too temporary and insignificant to justify a semi-permanent spot in my wallet. And you just know it's gonna fall out somehow. Just as I'm on 9. Then I'll really be shattered.

Not to mention the whole facing the cashier without the Free Meal Punch Card thing. God forbid that happens – then they'll give me a whole new Free Meal Punch Card and I'll have to start all over again. Oy, I can't even think of it.

You know what, I think I'll just skip the Quiznos experience altogether. I don't want to have to tell them that I'd rather not take the Free Meal Punch Card. Because then they'd ask why (they're very neurotic about these things). They just wouldn't understand. Yeah, I'm the crazy one. It's so crazy to stop frequenting a sandwich shop because you can't take the responsibility of a Free Meal Punch Card. At least I won't have a polluted wallet.

Who's the crazy one now?