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October 18, 2008


The Economy would change to economoney.  Wall Street becomes Fall Street (is it already)?  In school, the highest honors would be stars, aside from an honorable mention.  Obama would be pallin' around with Palins?  Or back to pallin' around with senate punks?  Joe Biden will be back to being called Joe... And also in school no one would ever graduate again since we all keep droppin' out...the G's! College degrees will be collee derees.  Seated on McCain's right hand would be Bush, crowned KIN.  Press people, media people, editors and pundits would be fired and no laws will be violated.  Joe the plumber will pay no taxes.  He has no license, and he is not a plumber and turns  out he just wanted to become famous and become a movie star, make a movie woth McCain and Palin, and Bush.  The title? No not W.  but >The man who would be Kin. No one would get married again.  The wedding rings have changed to weddin rins, and the engagement rings have turned into enaement rins.   All Democrats will be fired from office, no laws violated.  Finally Tina Fay's favorite pass time, the  most famous game would be ??? Russian Roulette.