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November 20, 2017

16 Tech Apps that Make You Laugh Every Time You Use Them



For those of you who love to watch Bollywood comedy movies, Hotstar is an excellent service and app to help you do so. With a full selection of Bollywood films, the app is made to entertain you and your friends and family, especially if you’re one of the billion or more people who understand Hindi/Urdu.

The app may not work in your country, but here is a guide to unblock Hotstar in the U.S. and elsewhere.

Available for Android and iOS.



This app contains a trove of pictures, videos, gifs and memes that can bring laughs to just about anyone. It serves as a nice way to share some of the funniest posts on the internet with your friends in your spare time.All the posts are exclusively user-generated.

Available for Android and iOS.



BuzzFeed contains loads of interesting material, including some that’s exclusively meant to make you laugh aloud.These can be jokes, YouTube videos, funny articles, and more.The app even allows you to select the genre you would be interested in so that it will feed you the relevant choice of jokes.

Available for Android and iOS.

Talking Tom

Talking Tom.jpg

This is more of an interactive game than strictly an app, but it is a very useful one if you have kids in the house.Talking Tom is a cat character that users can talk to and interact with in the game. When you have kids that you need to keep busy while you are going about your work, nothing can work as well as Talking Tom.

Available for Android and iOS.



The concept of iFunFace is that you can use the app to have a bit of fun morphing your face into a character or shape of some kind. iPhones permit all these manipulations and since it is just for funat your end, no harm done. Of course, you can always share the best ones on social media whenever you want.

Available for iOS.



Imgur can offer you a lot of funny memes you will like and enjoy. If you are not sure of how to access the funny side of contents within Imgur, try and go through the tutorials offered on the platform as well.

Available for Android and iOS.


Xkcd is a comics developer website which allows you to search through all kinds of comics and enjoy them.The subject matter is presented in a funny way, complete with sarcasm and humor in all its forms.This is a browser-enabled platform, but it’s no less useful as a fun web app.



If you love memes and have a good laugh going through them then you can become an expert creating some memes yourself using the Memedroid web platform in addition to the app.

Available for Android and iOS.

The Onion

The Onion.jpg

This popular web-only “news” platform is made available with the clear purpose of making you laugh. The Onion has sarcasm and satire and is quite current in its contents, something like sitcoms that invariably get a laugh out of you.

18,0000 Cool Jokes

18,0000 Cool Jokes.jpg

This is good for a laugh if you are fond of jokes and like reading them and sending the best ones you to your phone contacts.

Available for Android and iOS.


Break is an app that aggregates the best jokes, funny pics and videos, and presents them to you in one place. You can also add some from your end to have a good laugh.

Available for Android.

Instant Buttons

Instant Buttons.jpg

This is more of a prank-oriented app, and best used at parties with friends. You can keep your smartphone in your pocket and create sounds which will startle the crowd, and then everyone can have a laugh.

Available for Android and iOS.



This app lets you create short funny videoclips using lip-sync. Additionally, you can give your video some special effects, like slow-motion, to have even more fun.

Available for Android and iOS.



YouTube is an obvious hub for fun and comic relief to be searched and enjoyed. You could specify your choices and YouTube will line up its offerings from which you can choose, download and play offline to watch and laugh your heart out.

Available for Android and iOS.



This app provides an interactive display of beer flowing through your smartphone screen, and it reacts to your physical gestures for a more realistic appeal. You can customize a backdrop or live recording behind the display to make it seem like you’re drinking beer through your phone as well.

Available for iOS.



iFart has been chosen as the last one in this list since some people may like it while others may not. As its name suggests, the app lets you press a button and listen to the noise of gas being released.

Available for iOS.