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March 18, 2014

The advent of online shopping has made retailers scramble to speed up service and edge up their competition.

The advent of online shopping has made retailers scramble to speed up service and edge up their competition. Online retailers rely heavily on enhancing user experience to keep their loyal fan base and entice new buyers to support their products.

But before connecting and committing to the site you’re interested in, here we list 5 noteworthy online shopping trends to aid retailers understand consumer spending and for consumers to maximize their online shopping experience.

1. Fast & Reliable Connection. In today’s online shopping wars, 5 seconds to open links in your website may prove to be too slow for the online user. Online user experience should be faster than you can blink your eye. So if it takes a while for links in your website to open this can definitely turn off some customers. Consumers nowadays want to have the best experience when navigating every nook and cranny of your website.

2. Connectivity. Users today often rely on what their friends bought or their colleagues like before forging ahead with their purchases. The success of social media sites such as Pinterest has reinvigorated interests in tailored clothing for men and stylish women’s business suits. Connectivity with people can give you a network of consumers who may be after the same interests with friends thereby giving you more chances of piquing the interest of potential customers based on mutual interests alone.

3. Smartphone Shoppers. Millennials are the main draw when it comes to online shopping and mobile shopping. Mobility and optimized online stores should take note of the Generation Y’s online shopping behavior to have the best chance of getting the most customers.

4. Payment Options & History. With the current online shopping landscape, flexibility in terms of payment options and reviewing purchase history can score big on your customers. Online stores should optimize their sites to allow consumers to view their purchases using various tools: laptop, mobile, iPads or other electronic devices.

5. Shipping & Handling. Online retailers aim to provide the best service so their customers keep coming back for more. If your company is fine with dishing out free shipping and handling, chances are your customers will flock to your website faster than you can say GO.

With Made to Measure Suits and more retailers optimizing their websites for mobile use, the online war has taken a different turn once again.