Scarlett Johansson hosted SNL this week. Her episode covered everything from superheroes to real life, so it pretty much covered everything, because those are our two main things. Below are some funny clips from the show for you to watch, and also enjoy, I hope!

Early in the night, SNL revisited a concept they used in this cut Ferguson sketch from December, which is “How awkward is it for typically jovial TV personalities to host a show when there is so much horrendous injustice and necessary protest of that injustice happening so close to them??” (I’m paraphrasing, I’m sure.) For the Ferguson sketch, the discomfort took place on a local morning show, and this time it was sports broadcasters covering Wednesday’s Orioles game played in an empty stadium. There are a bunch of funny but very painful lines in here for you to enjoy.

After years of male-driven Marvel blockbusters, SNL gave Black Widow her own movie, only she doesn’t get to do any superhero things in it because she’s a girl. This is a movie that I would like to say I would never see, but I’ll admit I’d probably end up watching it if it was playing on TV when I was at home sick and, like, kinda knew where the remote was but was willing to pretend I didn’t. This sketch was so good, but envisioning myself in that scene made me a little ashamed, so I give the sketch an A but give this current passive version of myself a C-, with room for improvement.

During “Weekend Update,” Ruth Bader Ginsburg stopped by to drop off some Gins-burns. She is vivacious as ever and even lets us know where she got her robe. I would have guessed she got it somewhere else — for instance maybe the Supreme Court provided it for her, but now we know the real truth. Guess that’s why they call it truth in comedy (because all jokes are true)!

Later in the show we met a new cop action star named Detective Blazer. This sketch has a twist in it, which I won’t tell you what it is, and I don’t know if you’ll think that me saying there’s a twist in the sketch ruins the sketch for you, but I had to say there’s a twist because I want everyone to know the twist is good and VERY twisted. Twist it — I mean, WATCH it, haha, right here:

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