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February 18, 2010


I can't believe how sexist the logic is on this show!!! For some reason the people who play are always in this vortex where they think only a "weak woman" should be voted first out for "benefit" of the team. Here's the story for HERO week on Survivor. My girl Stephanie, she dislocates her shoulder and then POPS IT BACK IN!! She's a competitor, and that's always a problem for men with flacid teenie weenies, be it because they are old and played out like Rupert, or, say, ROIDED OUT like BULLY James. Sugar Tits annoyed Colby enough chasing his boy all night that they voted her out and rightfully so, but even last week I thought "Why not Rupert?". Rupert has a broken toe and the only thing he has managed to offer is sage/annoying advice to Stephanie whilst she's cooking coconuts. Broken toes mean you can't cook your own fucking coconut Rupert? Lazy, OLD, USELESS guy, who probably smells REALLY bad, who's famous for America PITYING him, can only manage to cause friction with Stephanie as a contribution to the team? Rupert meet steroid man JAMES, who thank God has some muscle below the neck or is there ANY OTHER WAY people would have sat back and taken that abuse from his sorry, BAD LOSER so BLAME THE WOMAN self?? James only likes Parvati or even Amanda (who has PLAYED him), women who hold his dick between challenges and who fill their bikinis a bit better. He is rude, stupid, a poor loser and waaaaaaay too aggressive for a game that's supposed to fun, God Dammit. I hate James. In fact, if Colby and Tom hadn't stepped up tonight, I wouldn't even watch the show after tonight, because fuck James and Rupert and fuck a show where the un-challenged presumption is that women are the "weakest" links. On a side note, I have NEVER like Boston Rob. I didn't actually see Survivor Marqueses, when he played, but I didn't like him at all on All Stars...but I totally like him this time around. I think being a husband and father agrees with him. The people I'd like to see win would be: Rob, Courtney (just 'cuz she's a skinnier/bitchier version of myself), Tom, Colby or Sandra again. Remember Sandra didn't even have 1 vote cast against her when she beat out Rupert the first time around. She also dumped Ruperts fish because she felt that they had played him, so why is she a villian? She told off Fairplay, was the only one not buying his "dead grandma" game, but that makes her SMART, not a villian. Stephanie, if you read this, you're the BOMB and I LOVE YOU!! James is a punk and Rupert is a dinosaur. I put a curse on them both! James, Rupert and Russel can all go to Hell.