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July 07, 2009


Does anyone know what has happened to all the old stuff that you grew up with?
I don't mean family things(cos they're prob under the house in the attic etc) No I mean like school?
Where have all the old wooden chairs and desks and stuff gone to and when did they go?
Had they outgrown their use by date?I wouldn't think so aren't all the old things people used to make supposed to last forever unlike the new cheaply-made overprized shite that you are supposed to chuck out and get a new one of every couple of years. What about all the old school work you did the hours of homework you laboured over for no real reason, is that all filed away somewhere in a dusty box in some unused room in a brand new school. Why do things have to look new is it purely for aesthetic purposes?
Do things really have to be replaced?...Don't you wonder where some of all that old stuff is start the revolution.... find the old stuff and Bring it back....