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September 09, 2009


Dear Tyler Perry,
Because you can play multiple characters in a movie very well. Because you are richer that Jesus (don't get pissy, there are more than 1 Jesui in the world, it's a very common name in Mexico, I just don't know the kid's last name). Because I can tell the difference between any two of your movies trailers at any given time. And because you're probably hankering for an artistic workout: I have a challenge for you.

The next project you produce (which'll likely consist of Medea some other characters whose names you forgot because they aren't "Tyler Perry") should be solely you. What I mean is that, you should do all the jobs on the film. I know that sounds grueling, but, baby, you're strong! You are to be all the actors, the director, the gaffer, the boom boy (that is gonna be tricky! :P ), crafty, wardrobe, all post-pro positions such as editing and dubbing....

and then FINALLY, YOU get to be the audience.

Then maybe you'll know how it feels.

[I'll be awaiting my settlement check for the money I spent on cheap alcohol which your annoying projects forced me to imbibe until I lost at least 2 out of my 5 senses.]

Thank You.