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June 22, 2012

A hitlist of different types of people that can get on your damn , nerves. This list includes, loud talkers, wanna be liars and many more....


After contemplating on the things that bother me the most, I’ve finally narrowed it down to one thing, People bother me the most. While not all people bother me at all times, certain types of individuals must be called out for their irritating and sick actions. Examples such as bad liars, confused workers and convenient relatives make the list of people that get on my damn nerves. Below I have listed 5 different types of people that piss me the hell off at all times!!!


  1. Wanna-be Liars: These types of people take the top of the cake! Wanna-be liars are people that tells lies, but can’t manage to make them seem believable. Liars that tell bad lies should be shot, shot down! I’m sure many of you know people like this, people that lie just to lie but can’t tell a lie to save their life. I think the number one rule of lying is to make it seem believable. It’s a struggle to watch and listen to a bad liar tell a story, they always seem to stutter and enter into a rambling category once are out of lies to tell. These people need to get their mind right and more important, keep their damn lies straight!


  1. “Convenient” Relatives: So you just got paid today and mysteriously one of your relative keeps calling you asking to borrow money. Is it just me or is it coincidence how certain relatives only call close to your pay day? If not that, they only call you when they need something. Never once do they call throughout the week, month or even year to see how you are, but when they need something, your phone is going crazy from ringing off the hook so damn much.  The conversation may not start out about money, but definitely by the end of it your thinking to yourself, “Why did I even answer this damn phone?.” Chances are you know how this person is, but for some reason you gave them the benefit of the doubt this one time, next time they ask for money, tell them you can’t loan them any money but you conveniently spent it all already!



  1. Line Cutters: This term pretty much speaks for itself, a line cutter is exactly that, somebody rude and belligerent that only thinks of thyself. A line cutter is a selfish ass person that thinks they are the only one that has something to do. Everyone knows this horrible, inconsiderate type of person. You’ve been waiting in line to get your kids those Disney on Ice tickets all damn day and the Ticketmaster has announced that they are almost sold out and it happens, you look towards the front of the line and see a sneaky line cutter! Sure they will tell the lie that someone was holding a place in line for them but you know the truth! I tend to walk up and confront these types of people face to face about their selfish acts as they will try to ignore you if you are yelling from the back of the line. Line cutters beware; cutting in line will get you cut!


  1. Careless Parents: These types of people really get under my skin! Have you ever been out somewhere and seen kids running amuck without any type of parental discipline or supervision? Parents that allow their kids to run around the store unrestricted are the worst type of parents. These people have no idea what everyone else is thinking of their so called parenting skills that they think they have mastered. Every time you hear loud laughter from the kids it’s usually followed by a whirlwind disaster in which something gets broke, you just hope and pray that it’s nothing of yours. Careless parents should be disciplined the ideal way, put on punishment with no cell phones, cars or TV until they learn to take care of their responsibilities!



  1. Clueless Workers: When you go somewhere you expect the workers to know everything about the product, establishment or services that are offered, however; this rarely happens. Clueless workers are by far the worst of the worst, and while you can’t always blame the worker for the lack of training they have, you can blame them for not “keepin it real.” Instead of just saying “I don’t know”, when confused by something, they waste your time by asking other staff and researching a blank computer screen. That’s right, a blank computer screen, most of the time these workers don’t even know how to use the computer, let alone research what it is you’re looking for. These are the same employees that ask customers to give them a rating or evaluation for the help they offered. Next time this situation occurs, do what I do, put negative stars, even if they aren’t offered, and write a full evaluation of how they were so clueless to what you asked them to do!


          Stay Tuned for Part 2!