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April 05, 2017

"How did my iPad wind up all the way out in Spokane? I was just using it last night."

In my lifetime I have seen technology grow faster than it has across centuries. From the discman, to mp3 players, to the U2 iPod, to the iPhone. Technology just can’t seem to stop. Even after the passing of technological visionary, Steve Jobs, we see the world of tech booming as it never has before. At a certain point though we have to ask, has technology gone too far? Cause, I mean, my iPad somehow wound up in Spokane, WA. That’s pretty far.
A touch screen tablet capable of word processing, video editing, sound mastering, and illustration. What took an entire desktop when I was a child now fits in the sleeve of my backpack. Technology has developed at a near alarming rate. But, has technology gone too far? I mean my iPad definitely has. Like, it may not be far for some people but for an East Coast guy like me Spokane, WA is about as far as you can go without hitting the water. How did my iPad wind up all the way out in Spokane? I was just using it last night. I can have a video chat with my cousin in New Hampshire while I ride in a taxi. I have the entire catalogue of Bruce Springsteen ready to play at my finger tips any second of any day. I can scroll through my brother’s wedding photos with a swipe of my finger. But has technology gone too far? I’ve never even been to Spokane. I honestly don’t know how my iPad wound up there. I’m applying for graphic design jobs. Like if ever there was a time I needed my iPad it’s now. This specific piece of technology has gone way too far.