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For those of you still unsure you want to spend all of the next 276 hours watching episodes of The Simpsons, we’ve gathered a collection of 72 of the show’s finest bite-size moments to help whet your appetite.


aaa Homer TV.gif

Family Couch Gag Zoom Out.gif

Family Fan.gif

Family Bank Robbery.gif

Family Arm Wave.gif

Homer Bear Thoughts.gif

Homer Beer Thoughts.gif

Homer Beer Crush.gif

Homer Bacon Banana.gif

Homer Donut Drugs.gif

Homer Fat Pride.gif

Homer Feeds Pizza.gif

Marge Dance.gif

Marge Haircut.gif

Marge Tattoo.gif

Marge Senator Stripper.gif

Maggie Dog Love.gif

Marge Toothbrush.gif

Bart Conan.gif

Bart Hair.gif

bart ice cream butt.gif

bart milhouse dance.gif

Bart Kiss.gif

Bart Pig Ride.gif

Lisa Dance.gif

Lisa Dolphin.gif

Lisa Basketball.gif

Lisa Haircuts.gif

Lisa Eyeroll.gif

Lisa TV.gif

Ralph Couch.gif

Ralph Easter.gif

Ralph Go Back.gif

Ralph Hill.gif

Ralph Wave.gif

Wiggum Oink.gif

Principal Grill.gif

Groundskeeper Willie Basic.gif

Moe Dancing.gif

Springfield Church Bar.gif

Simpsons Rock Hard Place.gif

Burns Flash.gif

Burns Headtap.gif

Burns Teen Call.gif

Smithers Strippers.gif

Flanders Clap.gif

Flanders Takeaway.gif

Milhouse Baseball.gif

Milhouse Eyes.gif

Milhouse Lonely.gif

Milhouse See Saw.gif

Nelson Owl.gif

Itchy Scratchy Kill Clone.gif

Krusty Comedy.gif

Simpsons Apu Milk.gif

Simpsons Man Football.gif

Simpsons College.gif

Pillow Factory.gif

Homer Bush Fade.gif

Simpsons Coverage.gif

Homer Jiggle.gif

Homer Finger.gif

Homer Springs.gif

Homer Strength Test.gif

Homer Treadmill.gif

Homer Pop Rocks.gif

Grandpa Go Back.gif

Simpsons IRL.gif

Simpsons First.gif

zzz simpsons fin.jpg

Simpsons Money.gif