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March 04, 2008


one hour left. i don't think i'll make it, the past five minutes have felt like an eternity. my eyes won't stay focused on anything for more than a moment and i can't stop my left leg from bouncing. plus there's this "classical" guitarist playing in the hallway right outside my shop. he's good, but i really want to drive railroad ties through his forearms. he's playing the wussiest version of 'in the hall of the mountain king' which he painfully segwayed into 'yesterday' ugh, if i didn't have to pee so badly there could be a homicide. jesus fuck me with a coat-hanger it's only been FIFTEEN MINUTES!! the world will end before i get out of here. oh, god someone save me someone...

uhh...sorry about that, i sorta went down a dark path in my head and got a little lost. these things happen when trapped in a sensory deprivation chamber. you fuckers are lucky i don't recite my poetry, that shit ain't funny. peace muthafukkas i's outta herrrre.

fuck donkey balls