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April 22, 2009


In a far away land on a distant shore, lives a monkey named Curtis........
Actually my name is Travis and techniclly  I'm an Ape, you know like Tarzan.

Curtis loves to spend his days with his best friend Dave, and they share everything and they have a freindship stronger than anything on earth........
What?  I hate that guy, I see him at the gym, he's a total doush bag. And my name is Travis...

Curtis is a kind soul with a friendly heart, he dreams of being a super star in a broadway musical.
That would be kind of cool.

And once Cutis is discovered he should have no trouble wowing and befriending the late night television hosts.

My name is Travis.

But unfortunatly on this distant shore in this far away land lives the extremist, Monkey right wing. They will do nothing to stop the destruction of poor Curtis's dreams....

 Yea thats a monkey, that last pic, I'm an Ape, you know like Tarzan.

Poor Curtis's dreams shattered, and dejected by the loss of everything he believed in he could only say.... I won 5 dollars on a scratch off. My name is Travis. Who's your daddy?

In this horrible time and degenerated sense of spirit, Curtis triumphs on a personal basis, but it is not without personal sacrifice and a undying constitution of enternal fortitude.
 Do you guys know Samantha? Yeah she gave me the clap.

We can all learn something from this little monkey, we can learn.
 This is Spin Spinster, reporting live from  Distant shore, Far away Land. Good night.