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November 11, 2011

People are strange, Rick Perry's stranger.


The media is having a field day with Rick Perry’s recent incoherent rant, in which the Governor, apparently impersonating Joey from Friends, appeared drunk.  But Rick Perry wasn’t on drugs, he’s just that dumb.  For years, he’s hidden his intellectual inadequacies behind a blustery bravado that blinded us to his stupidity.  As I watched him physically intimidate Ron Paul and shout over Mitt Romney during the debates, I assumed Perry’s chief ignorance was his belief in bullying as a campaign strategy.  But I missed the point: Rick Perry’s chief ignorance is his ignorance – he’s an idiot. 

Of course, this begs the question: should we stand idly by as the media accuses hapless idiots of drug abuse?  Of course not, our country is better than that.  We’re a generous people, and we should tap that generosity to help Rick Perry get the help he needs – a scholarship to clown college.