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December 31, 2017

Starfleet Command Suspends its most revered Starship Captain after scores of women come forward with allegations of unwanted sexual advances.

STARDATE 2369.1 —The United Federation of Planets Starfleet Command suspended revered starship Captain James Tiberius Kirk, after scores of female beings from nearly as many planetary systems came forward with accusations that Kirk had made unwanted sexual advances towards them.

Chief of Staff, Admiral L.T. Stone, announced that the Federation is halting Kirk’s five-year mission pending its investigation into incidents involving mostly humanoids, three androids, and a number of currently unclassified life forms.

Kirk Allegations2.jpg

All complainants described a series of similar sexual encounters beginning in the mid-20th to early 23rd century. If proven to be true, the starship captain will also face indictments for multiple violations of the Prime Directive, the guiding principle of the United Federation of Planets, which prohibits Starfleet personnel from “interfering with the natural internal development of alien civilizations.”

“Based on the credibility of these reports, the Federation has made the decision to act now,” Admiral Stone said in a subspace holographic communication, adding that the Federation Council supported his actions in placing Kirk on administrative leave. “This is a tragedy not only for these women, robots, and other life forms, but for every civilization whose development has been affected.”

Lead counsel for Kirk, Atty. Samuel T. Cogley successfully petitioned the court for a change in temporal venue to the late 20th century. Cogley is now arguing that, because the majority of these allegations take place in the 23rd century, his client is being charged for crimes that have not yet been committed. “Is this the Minority Report?” referring to the ancient tale by 20th century scribe Phillip K. Dick, in which a society with the ability to foresee all crime before it occurs summarily imprisons suspects prior to any infliction of public harm.

The one exception would be the sexual misconduct and manslaughter charges in the death of 20th century Earth woman Edith Keeler, in which the statute of limitations ran out over two centuries ago.