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April 16, 2010


News FLASH – Kathy Griffin films PAP Smear!

Thanks to the very informative Blog by the Accomplished and Syndicated Author Keibar, I found out earlier this evening that the Star of Bravo's smash hit "My Life on the D - List" had filmed her own PAP Smear test for the season premiere of her show. Always the showman, Kathy elected not only to film her test poolside in Westwood, but also to Bedazzle her audience with the trendy "Vagazzling" so popular among the Brazilian waxed Starlettes of Hollywood. Kathy's adorable Mons was decorated with a nicely coordinated row of blue stars over an intriguing row of glittering crystals whose extent only her doctor and Vajeweler know for sure.

Kathy, no stranger to exploiting her surprisingly "Bombshell Body" on her award winning series, has given us glimpses of the wonders of her charms many times before...

One of the numerous commenteers on Keibar's most excellent blog, DrWho speculated whether Kathy's "Draperies matched the Carpet"; I think it's clear to see (almost) that such speculations are moot - THERE IS NO RED CARPET!

I guess that's "Life on the D - List!" Nice Cameltoe, Kathy!