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April 16, 2008


Ok, I uploaded a new Video ("everyday normal Hitler") but that's not the one I announced in my last post. Actually it has got (at least) something to do with Germany. I'm still very ill and I don't want anyone to have to look at my poor face. So I shifted my project.

The other mind-changing happened at my medical examination for military service. Every young German man has to attend 9 months of military service (or if he rejects, 9 months of service at nursing homes or hospitals). Actually I wanted to reject, but I didn't as the doctor told me (after squeezing my balls (!)) that I am fit for service and anyone with the "Abitur" (German school-leaving examination and university entrance qualification) is doing rather some writing stuff then fighting, I will have a try. So watch out US Army. Don't mess with Germany from October 2009 to June 2010. That's when I'm serving.

P.S.: First Hitler than military things. Dude, I'm getting more German every minute. No, for real,

Hitler is dead and hated in Germany. We have 4000 people in Germany that claim to be nazis.

4000 of 84 Million. Our Army has only 250.000 men and couldn't even stand Cuba.