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May 21, 2017

Here is a list of 11 quotes that you might not have seen in Spongebob before.

You must have definitely watched Spongebob while youwere small. Probably, he would be the dumbest character that you have ever seenin television. However, we all loved the character of Spongebob and the funny things that he do. One of the best things about this cartoon is awesome Spongebob quotes. You must probably remember mostof them. Here is a list of 11 quotes that you might not have seen in Spongebob before.

1. Patrick Visualizing the Next Step


When Spongebob asks Patrick whether he is ready toparty, he says “I’m already hearing voices”, which means he has visualized whatto expect.

2. Friends Forever


Spongebob and Patrick are the best friends and they have an unbreakable friendship in between them. Once Spongebob asks what Patrick would do when he is gone. The reply is, Patrick would wait until he comes back.

3. Imagination


Imagination is one of the most popular words used by Spongebob throughout. Spongebob says that we don’t need televisions when wehave imagination. It is the ideal quote for kids in today’s world.

4. Getting Excused for the Rest of Life


When Spongebob is sitting in the class, he excuses fora moment. However, that moment is referred to as rest of his life. That’s whatwe all want, isn’t it?

5. Proud of Being Ugly


Spongebob knows that he is ugly, but he says that heis proud of it. This gives out a good lesson for all the individuals who are obsessed with the way how they look.

6. Becoming a Girl


This is kind of an inspirational quote that you can see in Spongebob. Mr. Krabs asks whether getting into a girlish outfit would make Spongebob a girl. In return, Spongebob asks whether he looks like a pretty girl from Mr. Krabs.

7. Is This Krusty Krab?


One day, Patrick was asked to become the receptionist of Krusty Krab. A customer phones and asks whether it is the Krusty Krab. Patrick responds that he is Patrick. Look how dumb he is. He forgot what he is asked to do.

8. Smell


Small is one of the most popular words used by Mr.Krabs. He uses it a lot of times in a sentence to highlight a smell.

9. Ugly Patrick


Once Spongebob asks from Patrick how long he has been ugly. In response, Patrick says that he has been ugly from the day he remembers. Yes, he has been ugly from the day he was born.

10. Personifying Stupidity


When Patrick is insulting someone on the face, he doesn’t have a clear idea of what he is doing. Unfortunately, it is poor Squidward where he insults most of the time.

11. Building a Wall with Squidward


Sometimes, we feel like building a wall in between the people who are closer to our lives. They are that much annoying, but we simply cannot live without them. This is the same story for Spongebob and Squidward as well.