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October 05, 2009


The tourism board for the Kingdom of Kennny G. has realeased this year's official slogan:

"27 - It can't possibly suck as bad as 26... Right... Unless we lose a limb or something... Great... We're losin a damned limb now... Nice."

All residents are advised to keep me away from all wood chippers, chainsaws, and sharp sporks until next October 5th.

Since Turnems no longer seems to do his Birthday Forum Posts, and since I feel the need to be a whiney little attention whore... (wait... Whores make money... Attention SLUT... Yeah, that's the ticket.)... I felt the need to write a Happy Birthday meassage to.... Me! :-)

Just clowning everybody... Althought today, October 5th, is indeed my Birthday. So, I'm asking you all to do me a special favor today, and go do something fun today, and dedicate it to me. (If you happen yourself to enjoy the activity you partake in, that is simply a matter of coincidence... Unless it's your birthday too... Which in that case, Happy Birthday!)


Now... Who has a cake? I'm hungry. :-)

-Kenny G.