Earlier this week, Sub Pop released an email they received from an overachieving Virginia Tech student asking if one of the label's bands, Nirvana, could record a quick iPhone video message for the school's annual homecoming week. You guys remember Nirvana, right? So yeah, no one told this homecoming candidate/actual-school-mascot that she was chasing a dream that would probably never happen.

Here's the letter. It's definitely awkward, but you do have to admire her teen spirit.


And since Kurt Cobain's been busy being dead for 20 years, the fine folks at Sub Pop took it upon themselves to respond to her letter as "Nirvana." Other than a slight change of "Hokies" to "Hoagies," they followed her provided script to the letter.

Naturally, she was pretty excited. You know, being a huge Nirvana fan and all.


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