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February 27, 2009


How does this picture grab ya... any way it can. so, tell us how you feel about it... caption away.


as in the past I thoroughly enjoyed judging this contest. It's easy for me to do because I just choose what makes me laugh the most. Here are my top five contenders that punch lined their opponents to the canvas.

Let's get ready to... RUMBLE !

Under card

#5 narado

" I've always been under the impression that the sun DOESN'T shine there! "

narado is quickly becoming one of my favorite newcomers&I believe it is only a matter of time until he wins an fod cc.


#4 stro32

Don't you just love a solar ecliTpse.

stro continues to amuse me & shoot the moon with his universal knack for smut. Is it really any wonder that 99 words for boobs is amongst his favorite videos here?

stro edges narado by split decision.

Battle for #1 contender to the title

#3 jason2k1

Someone better teach me Braille because I'm about to stare directly at the sun.

I'm guessing j2k1 has been well on his way to blindness for years despite his mother's warnings.


#2 drwho

Sunshine on her poontang makes me happy.
Sunshine through her thighs can make me cry
Sunshine on her vulva looks so lovely.
Sunshine almost always make me high

A John Denver reference isn't easy to do & is less likely to be funny. Somehow it was.

drwho wins by TKO

The Champ

#1 Zookeep

I love being up at the crack of Dawn !

Zookeep floored the competition with accurate punching power. His caption described the pic perfectly as well as making clever use of Dawn as a name & reference to the time of day. Zoo has been around fod for a while and is generally an underrated Champion. Check him out if you're not familiar.

Once again let's all give thanks to ole PU for being the Don King of this squared circle.
Also a special thanks to Bubbalicious for judging me as the victor over many skilled combatants.

You don't have to go home but you can't stay here. Goodnight & keep on fighting the good fight !